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Collect Feedback From All User-Facing Channels

Create feedback pages with Userwell to enable your users to submit & rate feedback. Engage with your customers & keep them posted on what's coming next. Seamlessly integrate Userwell into 3rd-party applications. Enjoy having feedback in one central place.

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Gather Feedback From All Customer-Facing Channels

Collect your feedback everywhere! Userwell provides you with the tools you need to gather feedback from all channels in one central place: Feedback page, Feedback Widget, 1000+ Integrations, and much more.

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Feedback Pages

Create and share feedback pages that your customers use as a platform to contribute their insights, bugs, or feature requests. The space allows them to engage with your product, react to others, and see upcoming features.

Public & Private Pages

Allow all your customers to share feedback or restrict page access to specific email domains to collect internal feedback from employees or specific customers.

Feedback Votes

Show your colors! Adapt the widget according to your corporate design by customizing colors, text, and the positioning of your widget.

Collaborate & Talk To Your Users

Engage with your users and let them know that their feedback is valued by updating their feedback by updating the feedback status and showing it on your public roadmap.

Directly integrate into your app

Feedback Widget Integration

High-quality feedback comes from reaching your users at the right time and place. Userwell can simply be embedded into your app by copying the widget code. After all, your app is where customers come to use your product, maybe even on a daily basis.

While your customers are using your product, they might notice something worth giving feedback about. The widget is therefore the easiest way for your users to submit feedback.

100% Customizable

Give your widget a personal touch with individual colors and text. Userwell allows you to customize to your liking.

Third party integration

Connect To 3000+ Apps

Seamlessly connect Userwell to any customer-facing tool that contains and receives feedback. Never miss any feedback again.

Our feedback management software ensures that all your data is gathered in one central place without the need to restructure your existing workflow. Additionally, our API makes it possible to build custom integrations.

Continuously Adding Integrations

Missing an important integration? No problem, just let us know and we will add it to our roadmap!

Public API - Even More Flexibility

Build custom integrations with our JSON REST-API. The API is easy to use and provides well-structured endpoints.

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