Analyze & Prioritize

Make Well-Founded Product Decisions

Ensure that your company’s ideas are aligned with your customer’s needs. Understand what your users want - together with your team!

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Manage, Enrich, Decide

Validate and clarify feedback by engaging with your users and team members directly in Userwell. Justify feedback implementation towards internal stakeholders based on impact & effort analysis and revenue insights.

All feedback in one place

Your Personal Feedback Cockpit

Feedback often gets lost in mailboxes and spreadsheets. Well-founded product decisions require all information to be available in one central place.

Find, organize and manage feedback in your personal and customizable dashboard. Never lose track of feedback again.

Filters & Full-Text Search

Find feedback with our blazing-fast full-text search and stay organized with feedback categories.

Impact & Effort Analysis

Score and Prioritise Feedback Internally

Score feedback based on all gathered information and differentiate low hanging fruits from major projects, strategic projects and thankless tasks.

The impact & effort analysis is the perfect tool to justify your product decisions to other stakeholders.

Smart insights

Value customers that value your company

At the end of the day, not every feedback customers have will be profitable. For your company to make the right decisions on what features will be implemented, Userwell connects to your sales tools. Enrich feedback and map insights to your customer sales profiles.

Connects to:

stripe profitwell chargebee paddle
and many more...

Efficient Team Collaboration

Talk to your users & internal stakeholders to gather information, clarify questions and collaborate as a team.

This way, you can clarify the scope and estimate the effort that it takes to build a feature.

Build products that your customers use and love

Manage your users' feedback more efficiently. Convince yourself and start your free trial today.

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