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product feedback management software

Manage Feedback in 3 Easy Steps

We help you to build a product that you and your customers use and love. Userwell is the perfect tool to innovate through customer-centricity.

Gather Insights

Capture your user's feedback and turn it into actionable data. Tired of clicking around? Don’t worry - It's all in one place!

Analyze & Prioritize

It can happen that your company's ideas and your customer’s needs go in different directions. Understand what your users want - together with your team!

Implement Feedback

It’s always good to follow your instincts, especially when you can back them up with validated data - among all stakeholders!

Customer profile user interface

“Since we have implemented Userwell into our feedback management process, we have reduced our customer churn by over 25%. We get great feedback for how we handle and value the ideas of our users.”

Lukas Struber
Lukas Struber
Head of Product, Zenscrape

One Place for All Your Feedback

Userwell enables you to create a better product by giving your users a voice. Your personal feedback page is the perfect place for your users to share their feedback and react to the feedback of others.

Multi-Channel Feedback Collection
Receiving feedback through multiple channels? Userwell integrates into many customer-facing products.
Feedback Pages
Create and share feedback pages that your customers can use as a platform to share their feedback, react to others, and see upcoming features.
gather feedback
generate insights

Know What to Build Next

Identify and align your top-rated features with your team and implement a data-driven product management process. Rely on well-founded feedback sources rather than foggy instincts.

Smart Insights
Enrich gathered feedback with sales data from your team’s CRM or BI-Tool. Identify feedback that is backed by your most valuable and important customers.
Group & filter received feedback to drill down correlations between customer groups and feature categories.

Align Stakeholders with Your Decisions

Work together with your team to be the best version of yourself for your customers and decide on product improvements that benefit everyone.

Involve your team in the decision-making process and justify your actions with validated data. Internal stakeholders who might be clouding the vision are now a thing of the past.
Project Management
Push resulting tasks into your development team’s project management tool, with just a few clicks.
User Communication
What is a good feature, if no one's there to see it? Communicate with your users and let them know that their feedback has been heard and implemented.
align stakeholders

Integrate into Your Workflow

Seamlessly integrate userwell into your existing workflow and optimize your product management process. Capture product feedback and ideas from your users and other stakeholders.

Everything you need

Great tools come with great service

We believe in shaping products that customers fall in love with. Therefore, it is important to us to accompany our customers all along the way.

Concierge Onboarding
Get dedicated support from our customer success engineers that help you with the setup.
Premium Support
Our software is intuitive and easy to use. However, we are always there for you in case you need a helping hand.
GDPR Compliance
We care about your and your user’s privacy. All of our services are hosted in Europe.
Service Level Agreement
If required, we provide custom service level agreements. Simply send us an email.

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